6m Barra Pro Hire Boat

Our 6m Barra Pro hire boats are weapons for barramundi fishing in the rivers and creeks. These positively buoyant boats have rear centre consoles with large casting decks forward & aft. Underfloor esky & storage makes the deck pure fishing platform.

Fitted with a large 9” Lowrance GPS with down & side scan sonar, VHF radio. 

  • Engine: 175hp Honda 4 stroke

  • Fuel capacity: 160 liters

  • Folding shade canopy

  • Swivel seats

  • Bluetooth stereo

  • 4D Survey (1NM offshore)

  • Licenced for 6 people

Prices per day + fuel


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Barra Pro Northern territory fishing hire boat
Dundee Beach hire boat 5.3m

The Polycraft manufacturing process uses a specially formulated, UV-stabilised, marine grade polyethylene powder that is cooked in an oven to cast the hull in one, virtually indestructible, piece. The top deck is then screwed and welded, so there is no visible seam between the hull and the deck. According to Polycraft, polyethylene is five times more impact resistant than fiberglass. There are other advantages of polyethylene. It’s not affected by electrolysis or osmosis, no gelcote to polish and it’s easy to clean, maintain and repair. These factors make it the perfect choice for boat hire..

The 6m Frontier is nothing fancy but it is workhorse boat. But then, with a few custom modifications it can become a very well appointed fishing boat with good storage options and clear fishing space. The boat is designed to take some rough treatment. It may be a little agricultural, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a performer. The rear centre console is virtually all fishing room, the floor is carpeted, including the raised bow work area where there are storage areas under the floor of the raised casting deck. The hull design has noticeable reverse chines, which start amidships to promote lift out of the hole. It gets onto the plane effortlessly with a proven 175hp Honda outboard on the back.

The ride from this boat is remarkably soft, a result of the manufacturing process that forms a dual-wall hull. Polyethylene floats independently and with the space between the hull walls filled with foam it has level flotation. This also contributes to the ride as the hull itself acts as a shock absorber.