If it swims you will probably catch it at Dundee Beach

Here's some of the great fish species you can target when fishing from our hire boats at Dundee Beach. Our boats are customised to suit all the different fishing styles and locations from Dundee. Our 6m bluewater explorer boats are perfectly set up for bluewater reef and game fishing, while our barra boats make the perfect fishing platform for barramundi fishing in the rivers and estuaries.

Dundee Beach is a premier fishing destination in the Northern Territory and boasts a impressive variety of fish species available.

Barramundi Dundee boat hire


The Northern Territory has the largest numbers of barramundi in Australia. Saltwater barra can be caught in the rivers and estuaries around Dundee Beach. Most barramundi are born as males but at about eight years of age they turn into females. They can grow to 1 meter long by the time they are eight years old. 

mackerel species dundee boat hire

Spanish Mackerel

Spanish mackerel are a great table fish and prized sport fish on light tackle. They are bluewater speedsters with razor sharp teeth and long narrow bodies adapted to a predatory life in the ocean. When hooked they display blistering high-speed runs and jaw-dropping aerobatics.

Queenfish boat hire darwin


Queenfish are not dirty fighters, often spending a lot of time in the air once hooked. They are a great sportfish, combining acrobatics with dogged determination. Queenfish make great numus (pickled fish)

red emperor dundee boat hire

Red Emperor

Red emperor are one of Australia’s most prized and highly sought after table fish.  Not only do they look amazing ,they are also one of the tastiest fish in the ocean. They can be quite challenging to find for most anglers making them one of the most highly regarded species available throughout the Northern Territory.

Jewie dundee boat hire darwin


Black jewfish or jewies inhabit the shallow inshore reefs around Dundee Beach. They are a popular catch and have long powerful runs. They have a very fast growth rate which is lucky for them as they are also a popular table fish.

sailfish dundee boat hire


Sailfish inhabit tropical and temperate waters between 24-28 degrees Celsius. They are often found close to the coast and around offshore reefs and islands, but are not restricted to these areas. Sailfish will never be far from bait, so focus your efforts around bait grounds and other areas of abundant food supply.

tuna boat hire darwin

Northern Bluefin Tuna

Tuna can be found offshore where large bait schools are present. They can be caught casting or trolling a variety of lures and once hooked they have  long powerfull runs.

snapper boat hire darwin

Golden Snapper

Golden snapper are prolific and can be found in most saltwater locations from tidal creeks and estuaries to coastal reefs. They are regularly caught bottom fishing but they are happy to take lures and put up a great fight when they do. The fish grow to around 8 kg and are superb eating.

Jack boat hire dundee

Mangrove Jack

Mangrove Jacks are part of the lutjanids family known as “snappers". They are aggresive predators which use ambush tactics to prey mostly on smaller fishes and crustaceans.
They have distinctive canine teeth which are adapted for seizing and holding their prey. The large and very sharp canine teeth are a distinctive trademark of lutjanids.

Black Marlin boat hire dundee beach

Black Marlin

Black marlin can be targeted from Dundee Beach. Fishing methods are much the same as for sailfish with bigger baits being preferred. Dundee Beach hosts an annual billfish competition which is very popular with local anglers from Darwin. 

trevally boat hire darwin


Trevally are common around reef edges and drop offs. While giant trevally can reach up to 60kgs, they are more often caught at between 5 and 20kg. 

coral trout boat hire darwin

Coral Trout

Coral trout are a vibrantly coloured fish that is well known for its fantastic eating qualities and great looks.  They can be located throughout most northern angling destinations using a large variety of tackle and techniques making the coral trout one of the most highly sought after species in the country!